Bible Verses For Mom

Here is a great way that you can honor your mother on Mother’s Day. With these Bible verses.  They are filled with love and passion.
You can put them in a mother’s day card or a hand written letter. These are perfect to show her how special she is.
You can also read more of our Bible Verses for Mom Here

Show Mom She's Special

Show Mom She’s Special

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bryton pick review

I was sent a sample of Bryton Pick Floss to try from Mom Bloggers
I couldn’t believe how great these picks are. My teeth are hard to reach as my mouth is really small and getting the floss out of my teeth was always a problem. These are great! I absolutely love them. I gave one to each of my family members and they agree, they’re great. I can’t get my family to floss and now I don’t have that problem. It’s easy with the BrytonPick. Not only is it a floss but also a pick. These are truly a great product and an easy way to get your family to floss. Give them a try.

About BRYTONPick – FLOSS in SECONDS – String-free, Discreet and Stylish new interdental cleaner

BRYTONPick – FLOSS In Seconds advantages:
• For situations when there is no time or place to floss / brush
• Discreet and easy interdental cleaning after every meal
• Stylish – trendy colors and more socially acceptable design
• Reusable – recommended up to 30 days, less waste and environmental impact
• Germ resistant – flexible and as floss thin stainless steel edges
• Portable – packaged in a credit card size carry-pouch
• Swarovski design – limited edition packaging

Great for: Adults: on-the-go
Teens: stylish & cool
Teens: with braces
Seniors: easy to use

When Saints lose hope

At this time of year there are a lot of people who seem to lose hope and get depressed. Always around the holidays, times seem to be hardest. Do Faithful Christians lose hope ? Do they meet hard times that seem endless and hopeless? What do you do when your life seems full of a hopelessness?

God has promises for us in scripture. Trust God to honor these promises and find your hope in that.

Go to your bible and to prayer. With prayerful discernment find out what promises are for you and for your situation now.

The promises from God are sent to give us comfort. There is no limit or time set to these promises.
The Bible tells us to seek God and trust in his word and his promises.

John 6:37 tell us Christ accepts us
and John 5:24 & 10:28 tells us God gives us eternal life.
 He comforts us Psalm 23 and is faithful to us Joshua 1:9 & Isaiah 1:18

Also the bible tells us that God protects us Psalm 91 & 121 and answers prayer John 15:7
 Our God who gives us peace of mind Philippians 4:6,7 will help us through our time of need. Whether we are depressed ,lost ,or feeling helpless and without hope. We can have faith and hope in our Lord.

God will guide us Psalm 32: 8,9 and give us relief from suffering 2 Corinthians 12:8-10 and give us rest Matthew 11: 28,29 if we will come to the one who is able to help us in any situation at any time in our life.
 Go when you need him and he will answer you and lead you. He will be there to help you.
Many Blessings to you.
 Please if you need help or prayer feel free to contact us at ECL using our email in the header.